• Auto Insurance Resources – What to Use to Find Your Auto Insurance Company

    auto-insuranceOnce in your life you will have to shop for car insurance and when that day comes, do you know what you can use to make it easier? The auto insurance resources you should use are strictly through the Internet. The Internet is a high source of information for almost any type of business or company that wants to make it big in today’s world. We live in a world that needs Auto insurance and to find the insurance company, it can easily be done.

    You might ask why use the Internet for a way to get your auto insurance? Well, when it comes to using the Internet there are internet websites that help you find multiple quotes. The number of insurance companies can be found through these websites that give you comparison quotes.

    There are many Auto insurance companies that allow you to get a quote from an online tech. A lot of the insurance companies have automatic quotes, that can be placed through a form online in order to get the right quote you want for your vehicle.

  • Auto Repair Information – What Source is Best?

    When looking for automotive repair information, you will find that there are numerous different sources you can use. There is the old standby, the OE factory service manual, but is it always the best resource for auto repair information? What about the aftermarket manuals from Haynes, Chilton, or others? Computers and the internet provide many more sources, such as subscriptions to AllDataDIY, Mitchell’s e-AutoRepair, and online forums.
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    So where is the best place to go for auto repair information? The answer is that there is no simple answer! Each of these sources has advantages and disadvantages, and each has its own place. The answer will depend on your knowledge and experience, what type of information you are looking for, and sometimes it is actually helpful to have access to two or three different resources.

    The OE factory service manual for the most part is written for the professional technician that has been trained in automotive repair. A certain level of knowledge, experience, and access to special tools is assumed. That is not to say that it is not useful for the average car owner that does his or her own repairs, because in certain cases there is no substitute. I find the factory service manuals frustrating at times, because it can be difficult to locate specific information. But, they usually have the most complete, comprehensive, and detailed automotive repair information that is available.

    Aftermarket repair manuals such as those from Haynes or Chiltons are geared more towards the average car owner with a do-it-yourself mindset. In most cases, they are perfectly adequate if you are doing mechanical repairs. Where I have found them lacking is in the computer diagnostics and automatic transmission repair areas. Of course, your average do-it-yourself car owner my not be attempting these repairs anyway. One of the advantages to these manuals are that they have lots of photos, which many other resources (including the factory manuals) are lacking.

    A subscription to AllDataDIY or Mitchell e-AutoRepair provides you with the exact same auto repair information that many independent auto repair shops use. Yes, it is geared towards the professional, but it is searchable and much easier to navigate through than a factory service manual. These are probably the best all-around sources for general repairs. They still leave out some things that are covered in the factory service manuals, but go much more in-depth than the aftermarket repair books.

    Online forums can be a very valuable tool when you have a specific car repair questions or a problem you can’t solve. Many have a ton of people with real-world experience with similar vehicles that will bend over backwards to help out a fellow car owner. You do have to be careful, though, because you really don’t know the knowledge level of the person that may be answering your question. Sometimes it is possible to get bad advice from someone that really doesn’t know what they are talking about, or is mistaken about something but is honestly trying to help.

    As I said earlier, sometimes it is helpful to have more than one auto repair info source for certain repairs. Case in point: I recently replaced a convertible top myself rather than pay someone else to do it. When I was trying to get the new top installed, I had a factory service manual, two aftermarket repair manuals, the instructions that came with the top, and a step-by-step tutorial with photos that I found online, and I used every one of them at one point or another!

    Each of these auto repair information resources has value. If I could personally only have one source, it would be the factory service manual, but I am a certified ASE Master Technician. For the dedicated do-it-yourselfer, I think a subscription to AllDataDIY or Mitchell e-AutoRepair is the best all-around source. If all you want to do is replace a timing belt or do a brake job and you don’t mess with computer diagnostics, then an aftermarket repair manual may be your best bet. The online forums and question/answer services are great places to turn to when you get stuck.

  • Why Used Auto Parts Are Better Than New Auto Parts

    For the last 60 years auto recyclers, otherwise known as auto wreckers or auto dismantlers with their junkyards and salvage yards, have played an important role in the economy and environment. More and more car owners are turning to used auto parts rather than new car parts for their car maintenance and repair needs, for several reasons:
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    · Purchasing used auto parts instead of new car parts allows you to save money by about 55% on average.

    · Purchasing used car parts means that you have a wider selection in the used parts market from which to pick the right car part that specifically meets the fit, functionality and quality requirement of your current car and car parts.

    · By purchasing used auto parts you are helping to lessen the pollution to the environment. Automotive recycling plays an important role in conserving natural resources and minimizing the demand on scarce landfill space. Other then lessening the negative impact on natural resources, Automotive recycling plays a major role in reducing water pollution, air pollution and solid waste generation.

    Guide to Buying Used Auto Parts from Auto Recyclers

    Keeping your car roadworthy can be a very expensive undertaking these days, especially with today’s tough economic climate making it more difficult for many people to earn and save money. But by using used auto parts, not only can you save money, you can also help conserve natural resources, and still get the correct specified parts for your car. For these reason, thousands of people every year elect to purchase used car parts.

    With this increase in demand, the internet has become an ideal vehicle in bringing the buyers and sellers of used auto parts together. Before you make your used car parts purchase online, here is a general guide to assist you in choosing the right auto parts at the best price.

    · Whenever you purchase a car part, make sure you have your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) handy. This number can provide the seller with a lot of information about your car, including the year, make and model. Having your VIN available is especially important when purchasing drive train components such as engines and transmissions.

    · Make sure the company from which you are buying the auto part offers a warranty on the part. Make sure you read and understand the terms of that warranty before making the purchase.

    · Find out how many miles are on the auto part, and find out whether the part is being sold as used, rebuilt or remanufactured.